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APRIL 2019
  • "Panicle is a compelling and rewarding book. Not only are the poems beautiful and insightful, they vary in style and subject matter and travel us through a world of love and loss, of art and beauty, of nature, history and desire." Read the full review here in Prairie Fire.

    MARCH 2019
  • I took part in the poetry mini interviews series with Thomas Whyte. Read it here.
  • A little interview with Malahat is here: "Write for the Poem: Quinn Stacey in Conversation with Gillian Sze."

    OCTOBER 2018
  • Panicle has been shortlisted for the QWF A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry. Congrats to all of the finalists!
  • I had a wonderful time judging the bpNichol Chapbook Awards with Billy-Ray Belcourt. Winner and finalists will be announced soon.

    JUNE 2018
  • "Sze knows when to hold threads of discussion taut and when to let them loose." A review of Panicle in Vallum Magaine (15:1 Memory and Loss).

    FEBRUARY 2018
  • "Sze's fifth book reconfirms this former Winnipegger's stunning talent." A review of Panicle in The Winnipeg Free Press.

    DECEMBER 2017
  • "Sze has produced an exceptional collection - unique in viewpoint, impeccably researched, admirably restrained, and brimming with heart." Read the full review in Quill & Quire here.
  • An interview on The Town Crier is up! More here.

    NOVEMBER 2017
  • "Like a collage of stunning Instagram images, her poems breathe beauty" Read the full review in Montreal Review of Books here.

    OCTOBER 2017
  • "Gillian Sze on the Meaning Behind her New Title." An interview with Open Book is up! More here.

    SEPTEMBER 2017
  • Panicle is now available!
  • "Sze has published yet another outstanding collection, offering us several budding points of conversation..." The first review of Panicle is out in Ricepaper Magazine.
  • Two new poems are in the Fall issue of Maisonneuve.

    JULY 2017
  • A Drownful Brilliance of Wings is appearing in Asia for the first time! It screens at Fugue in Shanghai on July 14.

    FEBRUARY 2017
  • Panicle is now available for pre-order! Check out details for the book here.

    OCTOBER 2016
  • A Drownful Brilliance of Wings screens at Antimatter in Victoria, BC on October 22, New Toronto Works on November 3, and Toronto Reel Asian on November 12!
  • I'm happy to announce that I will be working with ECW Press again on my next collection, Panicle. It comes out Fall 2017.
  • Redrafting Winter is nominated for the QWF A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry!

    JULY 2016
  • A Drownful Brilliance of Wings screens at Strange Waves Festival in Paris, ON. Friend and filmmaker Sofia Bohdanowicz created the short film based on my poem, "Arriving." More here.

    MAY 2016
  • Redrafting Winter is launched in Montreal. See photos here.

    JANUARY 2016
  • Happy New Year! A joint interview with Teri Vlassopoulos is up now on

    NOVEMBER 2015
  • Redrafting Winter is ready! Inspired by P. K. Page and Philip Stratford, Alison Strumberger and I collaborated on a series of rengas over snail mail. Read more here.

    OCTOBER 2015
  • Translating Horses is out with Baseline Press! Get your hands on one fast. A limited print run of 200.

    MAY 2015
  • I passed my Ph.D. thesis defence! Wahoo!
  • "A line, in fact, is immeasurable": an interview is up on Prism Magazine.
  • A new poem ("Calligraphy") is up here on Cosmonauts Avenue.

    MARCH 2015
  • "Sze shares each sensory and transformative exchange from the depth of her own lens. These are communiqués, poetic in their attention to image and texture, but organized in lines that break as if at the edge of a postcard." From The Puritan, reviewed by Ryan Pratt.

    FEBRUARY 2015
  • I'm delighted to share the news that Gaspereau Press will be publishing Fricatives (A Visit) as part of their Devil's Whim Chapbook series this spring. Stay tuned!

  • "Peeling Rambutan is a travelogue of sorts that takes you inside the minds and language of foreign people and places that you will most likely never see - and leaves you feeling like you've been there." From Today's Book of Poetry, reviewed by Michael Dennis. [Michael also spent time with The Anatomy of Clay back in October.]

    OCTOBER 2014
  • Peeling Rambutan has been shortlisted for the Quebec Writers' Federation's A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry. What an honour!

  • An intelligent and generous discussion about Peeling Rambutan between Michael Prior and Laura Ritland is up on echolocation.

  • "...the commentary expressed in the beautifully crafted language of Peeling Rambutan offers a picture of a type of Canadian experience. The poems manage to be both wry in humour and juicy in detail ... Sze serves us with a collection that is as poetically flavourful as it is intellectually stirring." From Ricepaper Magazine (19.2), reviewed by Sharon Miki.

    SEPTEMBER 2014
  • "Sze captures what always eludes authors of the poetic travelogue: a sense of the ephemeral nature of casual epiphanies along the journey. Beautiful and melancholy, the poems appear like 'gardens... strummed to sob.'" From The Winnipeg Free Press, reviewed by Jonathan Ball.

    AUGUST 2014
  • "In Peeling Rambutan, Sze beautifully illustrates how a displaced family's descendants combine their ancestors' knowledge and collective memories with the ways of their new home to create a place between." From New Canadian Media, reviewed by Julie Mahfood.

  • "I don't want to be embedded in the city, but sit on it, like dew on grass. I want to remain confused, intrigued, and uncomfortable. From a distance, I can keep it a space of invention and story." I talk to Wanda Waterman in the latest issue of The Voice Magazine (Volume 22 Issue 32).

    JULY 2014
  • "These poems are a feast." From mRb (Summer 2014), reviewed by Bert Almon.

  • "Succulent in its excellence, Sze's poetry insists that cultural 'difference' is what can make a beautiful difference in our apprehension of the 'beautiful.' From "Brazen Halifax poet set to rise from obscurity" by George Elliott Clarke.

    JUNE 2014
  • "Navigating the distances and experiences between cultures, Sze brings readers along for a trip through complex emotions, traditions, and identities. Each poem is another step on that journey." From "Peeling Rambutan: New Poetry from Montreal's Gillian Sze" in Canada Arts Connect.

  • "Sze uses language to landscape a world both old and new, where memory and discovery are interrelated and the past and the present find their place in poetry." From "Snapshots" in Contemporary Verse 2.

  • Just to rewind things a little: a really warm review for The Anatomy of Clay came out in The Voice Magazine. "Sze's rhythm is so in keeping with the natural rhythms of the best human speech that they'd fit well in a classic film, spoken in the melodious accents of a gifted thespian." From "An Eagle's Eye View of the God in the Details" by Wanda Waterman.