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Selected Collaborations

A Drownful Brilliance of Wings

A film based on the poem "Arriving" from Peeling Rambutan. Created with friend and filmmaker, Sofia Bohdanowicz.

2016 | 8 min | Canada | English | 1.37:1

Criterion Channel, 2022
DocLisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 2019
Seattle Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, USA, 2018
Fugue Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2017
BAFICI - Retrospective, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017
Deviio: Exxtend (Toronto, ON), September 14, 2017
Atelier Céladon (Montreal, QC), August 25, 2017
Reel Asian Film Festival (Toronto, ON), November 12, 2016
New Toronto Works (Toronto, ON), November 3, 2016
Antimatter (Victoria, BC), October 22, 2016
Strange Waves (Paris, ON), July 6, 2016

A Theatrical Adoption of Panicle

In development with Table D'Hôte Theatre.

The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology

A collection featuring the 2020 poetry finalists. Published by Signal Poetry (2021).

Translating Horses:
The Line, The Thread, The Underside

A translation project led by Jessica Hiemstra. Published by Baseline Press (October 2015).


A creative translation with illustrations by Jessica Hiemstra. Published in Panicle (ECW, 2017).

Self Portrait / Lineage

A multimedia and collaborative project headed by Shane Wilson. Listen to Cat Kidd's reading of my poem {here}.

Our Days in Vaudeville

A collection of collaborative poems with Stuart Ross and 29 Canadian poets.
Published by Mansfield Press (Fall 2013).

Fauna / Nocturne

By Robert Huynh (Vancouver Film School). Read about his process {here}.